Launch a Public Awareness Campaign & Encourage Involvement with the RCMP Public Crime Prevention Programs & the Surrey Crime Prevention Society


The Surrey RCMP currently engages the public through programs and initiatives like:

  • Block Watch
  • Citizen Police Academy
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing
  • Family Identification
  • Speed Watch
  • Protecting Yourself.

The Surrey Crime Prevention Society also supports the community with a wide range of safety programs, including:

  • Community Safety Program | Newton, Downtown Surrey, Guildford, Fleetwood, Crescent Beach (summer months)
  • Traffic Safety Program Distracted Driving | Speed Watch
  • Community Safety Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program
  • Anti-Graffiti Program
  • Special Events Support

These programs are fantastic avenues for the public, but are currently not well known by a majority of Surrey residents.  There is also a growing desire for residents to be more active and involved in contributing to public safety in their neighbourhoods.


The City of Surrey will launch a public awareness campaign to encourage greater involvement with both the RCMP’s public crime prevention programming and the Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

The campaign will bridge the gap between the current community interest in public contribution to public safety and the lack of awareness about the existence of the programs available to the public.

Corporations that were previously sponsors of the Surrey Regional Economic Forum will be approached to assist in funding the expansion of citizen involvement in public safety.