Guiding Principles

The Safe Surrey Coalition has come together around public safety, but believes in a balanced approach to governance.

More than any level of government in Canada, municipal politics must be focussed on delivering effective and efficient services for citizens.  The Safe Surrey Coalition understands the obligation civic representatives have in contributing to the quality of life for constituents, and we adhere to the following principles to live up to this responsibility:

  1. Assurance of public safety is a fundamental right of every citizen within a community
  2. Public engagement and access to information comprise the foundation of a legitimate government
  3. Fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayers’ money must be at the heart of every decision made or action taken
  4. The spirit of partnership, whether with citizens, community organizations or other governments, adds strength to the capability of a municipal administration
  5. Accountability must flow from the top  in order for it to be successfully adopted as an organizational practice