Invest $4 million per year over  4 Years into a
Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPSD) Community Strategy


Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPSD) is a proactive, long-term strategy that has become extremely prevalent in communities across Canada over the past 2 decades, and has largely been embraced by the law enforcement community.

Effective public safety programs address the social, economic and political factors that contribute to the the root causes of crime.

More specifically, active programming like parenting classes, recreational activities, youth peer and mentoring networks, employment search support and cognitive education targeting high risk behaviours are all examples with the diverse landscape of CPSD.

These issues are best addressed through a community-based, multi-agency and interdisciplinary approach.


The City of Surrey will invest $4 million per year for 4 years into the development of a CPSD Community Strategy and an associated granting program for local organizations.

The City of Surrey will work with the non-profit sector, various community organizations representing a variety of demographics and the RCMP to collaboratively craft the strategy.

The granting program will be open to proposals from the community once a year for the duration of the 4-year commitment, and decided upon by a third-party panel that is comprised of community, academic and youth leaders.

The City will then work closely with the successful organizations to set targets, monitor progress, and assess impact.  Data will be compiled and publicly available through formalized reporting, and adjustments to objectives, priorities and needs will continue to evolve as the strategy progresses.