Block Watch: The Great Uniter

I recently became the captain of my neighbourhood’s new Block Watch program, which has really served to bring our tight-knit neighbourhood together like never before.

I and my family have always been close to those that live on our block, because with 5 children, meeting other families is inevitable.  It also happens because I have a natural desire to get to know the people that I share my block with.

Yet never before have I witnessed the level of interaction that the Block Watch program has inspired.  A common purpose of looking out for each other has touched all personalities, professions and backgrounds – we are all so invested in making our neighbourhood safe for everyone.

There’s such a feeling of violation when you become the victim of a crime. Whether it’s your vehicle being broken into, property being vandalized or in the worst scenario violence perpetrated against someone, peace of mind is something that is easily threatened.

A desire to feel secure in the place one lives is universal, and when a neighbourhood’s sense of safety is at risk, amazing things can happen.  Just as importantly as the ways that we have been able to take back our block is the way in which we stand united as a community that cares.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, it also makes a village when we all become parents, brothers, sisters and protectors of one another.

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