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Born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Justin Thind has immersed himself and his young family into the City of Surrey since being called to the Bar of British Columbia as a lawyer in 2006.  He is a managing partner in a full service law group that is proud to be a part of the dynamic Surrey business community.

Justin uses his previous residency in many Surrey neighbourhoods including Newton, Cloverdale, Sullivan Station and Fleetwood, as well as his past career working in government, as the inspiration behind his decision to run for City Council as part of the Safe Surrey Coalition.

Simply put, whether in the Surrey Provincial Court, or at the neighbourhood level, Justin has witnessed the impacts of local crime first hand.  He sees how Surrey’s growth is strongly encouraged by the current Mayor and Council, and yet the proper resources to deal with the issues attached to such rapid change have not kept pace.  This also includes other voids like a lack of transit infrastructure, inaccessible community facilities for under privileged youth, and a problematic electoral system that prevents representatives from effectively speaking to the unique issues of different neighbourhoods.

As a husband, father, lawyer, business owner and concerned resident, Justin is motivated to put his name forward as a candidate on a number of levels.

Justin on Municipal Leaders

“I understand the positive impact that municipal government can have in the lives of residents, so I find it very frustrating that this current Mayor and Council are more concerned with their political legacy than demonstrating leadership.”

Justin on Intergovernmental Cooperation

“Surrey will become BC’s biggest city within the next decade, so it is essential to have civic representatives that work well with other levels of government.  With the recent cuts to the RCMP gang task force and the ongoing absence of transit investment in Surrey, it doesn’t appear that we have those relationships.”

Justin on a Wards System

“I believe that the time has come for Surrey neighbourhoods to have representatives fighting for their specific interests at City Hall.  All regions of Surrey deserve an equal voice at the table, and an advocate is always best when they can directly relate as a neighbour rather than simply as a politician.”

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